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Katy Painting owner, Larry Mikeska and family at the Houston Texans game!


Larry Mikeska has been a resident of Katy for more than sixty years. He is a Katy High School graduate, former councilman, member of the First Baptist Church and most recently, a cancer survivor (woohoo). During football season, you'll find him under the Friday night lights with his grandson watching the Katy Tiger football game. He makes a killer pork chop, sirloins as juicy and flavorful as ribeyes and per his daughter, "the best homemade fried chicken on the planet"

His wife of 50+ years, Linda, graduated from Royal High School in Brookshire, TX.  Linda is a Master Gardener, Katy Heritage Park Board Chairman, and Katy Heritage Society Director/Past President. She's the Houston Rockets #1 fan, avid book reader and fisherwoman. If you ever talk to Linda, ask her about the time she had a catfish stuck in her wrist! 

Their daughter, Devon, is also a graduate of Katy High School. She attended the University of Houston and operates a digital marketing and consulting firm in Katy. Devon is a die-hard Astros fan and grew up playing/umpiring softball for the Katy Girls Softball Association. Her son, Layne, loves to sing and is in the Katy Junior High Boys Choir. He will follow in the Mikeska footsteps becoming the third generation to graduate from Katy High. Not so little known fact: He's the only Mikeska who can carry a tune.


In 1982 Larry established Katy Painting on the principles of hard work and integrity. He built Katy Painting into the trusted, reputable painting company it is today by providing A+ customer service, high-quality workmanship and affordable prices (even when he was the only painter in Katy). His most tenured painters have been with Katy Painting for 31 and 16 years. They are painting experts, bilingual and extremely detail-oriented. One of these experts is on-site at every job until completion. Katy Painting believes in quality work over quantity. Therefore every customer and every job receives the highest level of service no matter the price.
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Katy Painting In The News

Katy Painting Recognized For Superior Customer Satisfaction

---Stability, Integrity Has Shaped Business Growth Since 1982 ---

Larry Mikeska’s Katy Painting Is Recognized For Its Outstanding Record Of Customer Satisfaction; His ‘No Money Up Front’ Policy Puts Action Above Words George Scott Editor and Publisher Texas News Profiles 

Six words with the same meaning: Larry Mikeska. Business stability. Total integrity.

 Four words:  No money up front. 

Mikeska, who has lived in Katy for 67* years, has operated his Katy Painting company since 1982.  As his company approaches having completed some 7,000* jobs during that period, he looks forward to continuing to provide the kind of service that has earned him the reputation as one of the most credible service businesses 

in the entire Katy region. 

He has employees who have worked for him for many years. New employees merge into the value system of the company that says that each customer gets the highest quality of service and materials. The painting company has endured for decades and grown because of its reputation.

 It starts with Mikeska himself.  From day one to now, he personally inspects every job several times a day for every day that work is being performed.  There’s the philosophy of quality of control.  Then, there’s Mikeska’s implementation of quality control. 

Katy Painting specializes in both exterior and interior painting. Exterior work can include the installation of Hardieplank siding, pressure washing, and exterior stain removal. Prior to paint, Mikeska will assess specific areas of a home that might have unusual exposure to wetness (sprinkler system is a major cause) or heat (hot spots with unusually prolonged exposure to the sun). “We try to identify all the problems that might affect the stability of the paint job before even beginning,” Mikeska said.* “We want our job to stand the test of time. We know that we have passed that test with our customers because of the tremendous number of referrals we receive".

Interior painting includes preparation, sheetrock work, texturing, stain work, crown molding installation,  base molding installation and door installations.*

Over the course of several decades, Katy Painting has also been called upon to work on homes of historical value – a task that they enjoy but one which often imposes unexpected challenges. Mikeska, a long time civic leader in Katy, encourages Katy homeowners to use caution in the selection of a painter.  Over the years, he has personally observed many painters come and go after having offered “low-ball” prices and incredible guarantees.

 While he appreciates any business that comes to him, he knows from years of experience that many of his customers have come to his second." It’s after learning “a bitter lesson” that quality of service and the reputation of standing behind one’s work is something that a consumer should never take for granted. 

“The cost of painting a house represents an important investment for a family. It’s hard to explain how happy I am when a prospective customer tells me they have to perform their due diligence research on my company,” Mikeska said. “After 38 years, our customers are our due diligence. We strongly suggest that every consumer thoroughly research the company they hire to perform work at their home".

"We treat every home as if it were our own. The exterior of the houses are chemically treated to kill mildew and then thoroughly washed. All peeling paint is sanded and primed,” he said. “Caulking is very important, and we provide full detail caulking which includes all windows in the brick area. "We do not leave little details that would threaten the endurance of the job unattended. We use only the top quality paints and apply heavy coats for maximum protection,” he said.

Interior work receives identical attention to detail and the same ‘fanatical’ dedication to quality and quality control. “We receive our payment upon job completion and when our customers are 100% satisfied.”

With the summer season approaching, Mikeska is offering a special deal for Katy consumers. “You can have a genuine 5% discount if you select us to paint your home. Once we have given you a firm bid for the work, just mention this article. We’ll take 5% off the bid,” Mikeska said.  “Don’t tell us about the article in advance. Get our firm bid; then tell us, and we’ll take 5% off the bottom line.”

"We are very appreciative of the support our painting company has received over the past few decades, and we are excited about the future,” Mikeska said.* “Katy has been and will be our home.  We always want to be able to greet our friends and neighbors with the pride of a job well done.”**

  • * denotes an update from the original article for accuracy
  • ** denotes expired information from the original article but will be honored through April 1, 2020

To Our Customers

The Stockdick House. A historical home at Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Museum showing the freshly painted white exterior.

Katy Painting Reputation

Katy Painting Reputation

Katy Painting Reputation

The stability, integrity and great service Katy Painting provides has earned the reputation as “one of the most credible painting companies in the entire Katy region".

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Katy Painting Mission

Katy Painting Reputation

Katy Painting Reputation

"The cost of painting a home represents an important investment for a family. We want our jobs to stand the test of time and we know we've passed that test due to the tremendous amount of referrals we’ve received. Katy is our home and we want to greet our friends and neighbors with the pride of a job well done, therefore, we treat every home as is it were one of

 our own” - Larry Mikeska, Katy Painting Owner

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Quality Standards

Katy Painting Reputation

Quality Standards

Quality control is extremely important at Katy Painting. The owner of Katy painting personally stops by every job site throughout the day to inspect the progress, provide materials for his painters and speak with his customers to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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